Stick ‘Em Up

The residents of North Stonehouse and the Hamoaze gang will be working on a range of missions to help bring out the HighwayPerson in us all


Plymouth Art Weekender !

Download the PDF here

and share this free moustache disguise kit!

Use it to hold up a friend or your family to demand*,**,*** :

not “Your money or your life!”

but rather say “I demand a hug!” 

or “I demand a smile!”

or “Stick ’em up, I demand a cuddle” etc.


or form a gang of scurvy HighwayPeople*, **, *** and take to the streets spreading hugs and joy!

Take photos across the City of Plymouth wearing your disguise and share on all social media using

#bolek #PAW2019 @unit3sw @gms369

Prizes will be announced in October 2019

*Disclaimer: Always ask permission from the public, a stranger, a teacher or your boss before demanding a hug or any other interaction

**Double disclaimer: All people under 18 years of age who wish to take part in this action should be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times

***Triple disclaimer: Neither Lech Walesa nor UNIT3 in the guise of Gary Marshall-Stevens take any responsibility for the actions of those who choose to cut out this template

Any Queries please contact

Mandy splurge gun
Mandy splurge gun