Gary Marshall-Stevens

Currently working with electrical tape, found materials and entropic systems

The system of objects, their relationships to ourselves physically and to our cultural, political and historical systems is a thing of overwhelming interest for Gary Marshall-Stevens. Through material form, process and interventions in space he attempts to unpick the loops, ties and knots encountered. Seemingly luddite and almost retarded materials are acted upon and we are left with the indexical afters of the process.

We encounter these objects, question their existence and the very point of the process which spawned them. The eye defers to another object, and another, and another, in an attempt to grasp meaning. The intent perhaps is simply that. To force us to think on the relation of these objects to each other, ourselves and space. We must question our frameworks of reference and the evidence we draw upon to bolster them.

Or we can simply enjoy what we see, let our eye be taken by colour, line and form

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