Stick ‘Em Up

The residents of North Stonehouse and the Hamoaze gang will be working on a range of missions to help bring out the HighwayPerson in us all #PAW2019 Plymouth Art Weekender ! Download the PDF here and share this free moustache disguise kit! Use it to hold up a friend or your family to demand*,**,*** :

Joe Watson

Primarily a digital artist/designer, Joe has taken on a space at UNIT 3 to escape the confines, distractions and constant buzzing of technology and get back to what he loves – creating. Splitting his time between UNIT 3 (where he schemes) and his home studio (where he executes his plans) Joe is currently working on

Gary Marshall-Stevens

Currently working with electrical tape, found materials and entropic systems The system of objects, their relationships to ourselves physically and to our cultural, political and historical systems is a thing of overwhelming interest for Gary Marshall-Stevens. Through material form, process and interventions in space he attempts to unpick the loops, ties and knots encountered.