RESIDENT ZERO : Chloe Bonfield

A brief introduction to our RESIDENT artist for June

Lostwithiel is very fortunate to welcome Chloe Bonfield as UNIT3 RESIDENT artist for June 2022. Based in Penryn Chloe is also the founder of Stile Collective which brings together creative people from all walks of life within the landscape of Cornwall and online.

Chloe’s practice spans image, performance, text and sound. Grounded in the here and now whilst tugging on threads from ethemeral landscapes of storytelling, folklore and the mythic.

Sensitive to the often intangible nature of Chloe’s work we have several events planned which will be open to all as participants and/or audience whilst actively blurring the threshold of these roles. These events will take place at UNIT3 studios and the Gatehouse at the milk factory, Restormel Estate and out and about along the river and hedgerows.
Some events may have limited space, so please do keep an eye out for further info over the next week or two.

If you would like to see more of Chloe’s work please follow the links below.

Stile Collective




RESIDENT June 2022 is supported by Tresorys and funds from HM Government