Suggesting poor social conditions and comically repulsive characters Tuesday 12th to  Sunday 17th 10 – 5pm Special invite for all from 4pm till late on Lostwithiel’s Dickensian Night Thursday 14th December 2017 Featuring the work of UNIT3 artists and guests: Antonia Eden Jimmy Foo Nicolette Knight Gary Marshall-Stevens

Gary Marshall-Stevens

Currently working with electrical tape, found materials and entropic systems http://puma.3six9.com The system of objects, their relationships to ourselves physically and to our cultural, political and historical systems is a thing of overwhelming interest for Gary Marshall-Stevens. Through material form, process and interventions in space he attempts to unpick the loops, ties and knots encountered.

Studio 3K1 Available

Studio 3K1 is now available for short and long term use. The space is roughly 100 square feet, light and part of a shared Block. There is generous storage, facilities to hand and most importantly a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The space is £50 per Calendar Month including all utilities costs. As a member of


Our original location and still the hub of UNIT3 This block has space to accommodate up to 8 Artists at present and we are always on the look out for more spaces. Most are currently occupied but we will post news as soon as any become available.

Dower House

Dower House 22 Fore St Lostwithiel is a temporary Gallery exhibition space that we are managing for the landlords. It has good natural light and is a very flexible exhibition space. Two deep window spaces offer opportunities to showcase 3D work well too. The fee is £120 per week plus 20% commission. The commission and